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© Ραδιοφωνία Αγγελάτου  Angelatos Broadcasting Network  since 1979 107 Dunbar Ave Stuie K, Oldsmar, Fl 34677 
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06:00 Morning Greek Music CD recorded 07:00 Happy Music Parade in Greek Angelos Angelatos 08:00 News Net Live Live news via Sat 08:10 Good Morning Florida Sotirios Angelatos 10:00 ID advertising & Music 10:30 Greek music Talk Quiz Sotirios Angelatos 11:00 News ERT news Live 12:00 Noon Florida with Sotirios Agelatos 13:00 Music Greek 14:00 News Net Live Live news via Sat 15:00 Afternoon program with Angelos Angelatos 17:00 Talk Show with Angelos Angelatos variety of Political Public talk interest 19:00 New Songs  Music 20:00 20 year Popular Greek Music with Angelos Angelatos
21:00 Memorys for all hit's of 30'40'50'60' 22:00 Greek music of the Islands 23:00 Folk dance Music 24:00 Popular Greek Music with Angelos Angelatos 00:00 Montern Music late Hits of 77/79/ 01:00 driving after midnight with Best Hits rebetika 02:00 Overnigth Greek mix Radio program Guide for Cell Players  
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